Welcome to BirthWest, midwives committed to the women and families of West Auckland.

From our New Lynn beginnings, BirthWest has seen a few changes and has a new home in the Midwifery Focus rooms at Glendene. Justine Small and Tina Patrick are currently on sabbatical. Vanessa Wiblin continues to provide excellent midwifery care, with back up from Arlene Easthope.

If you are looking for a midwife in West Auckland, Vanessa Wiblin would love to hear from you.

Vanessa will work with you to follow the growth and development of your baby and help you to maintain good health as you prepare for the birth of your baby and the growth of your family. She is happy to support you to give birth in which ever environment you choose: Waitakere Hospital or at home. She can refer you for ultrasound scans and laboratory tests as required and will provide full information to help you make decisions throughout this important time in your life.

If you were to need input from obstetricians, medical specialists, paediatricians and other practitioners, Vanessa can identify your needs and refer as appropriate. In most cases she can continue to provide much of your care in cooperation with additional services.  All of this care is free for most women and we are one of the safest countries in the world to have a baby.



If you would like to know more about the system of care in New Zealand, please refer to the New Zealand College of Midwives here.


Clinic:  9 Laurie St, Glendene 

t: 021 24784 50 (021 BIRTH 50)

f: 09 353 1939


Welcome to BirthWest

Vanessa Wiblin

Arlene Easthope

Justine Small & Tina Patrick

(currently on sabbatical)